Inflatable Rentals

Inflatable rentals are the bread and butter of any party. From bounce houses, to slides, to lazer tag mazes, and more, these rentals are the best way to keep kids of all ages having a great time, and providing them an outlet for all their energy! They're perfect way to add to the fun and excitement of your event. There are tons of different kinds of inflatables to rent, and they vary wildly in size, scope, the age group they’re targeted at, and how many people can use them at once. There’s a lot to consider when deciding which inflatable to rent, but we’re here to help you out.

Bounce Houses

By far the most common inflatable rental, these are the classic bounce castles that kids of all ages know and love. Bounce house rentals are frequently present at parties of all sizes, from residential birthday parties, to large corporate outings. Fun for kids of all ages (and many adults as well) these bounce houses are some of the best bang for your buck when it comes to inflatables.

They can vary in size, how many people can be in them at once, and can even feature cool additions like attached inflatable slides that can be used dry slides or as water slides. Many people have themes for their parties so a lot of bounce house manufacturers make bounce houses that are themed after popular Disney moves, TV shows, tropical locales, and more.

There are some things to keep in mind when renting a bounce house. These inflatable rentals usually need access to a 20 amp electrical circuit that can power the blower that keeps them inflated. Most bounce houses only need a single circuit but there are some huge and elaborate bounce houses out there that may require an additional circuit to keep it inflated.

Inflatable Slides

Inflatable slide rentals are another classic inflatable party rental that tends to show up at all kinds of events. Inflatable slides are great fun for kids of all ages and can keep them entertained for hours. Many inflatable slide rentals can be used as either regular dry slides or as water slides if you can run a water house up to the top. Perfect for staying cool during a summer day.

One thing to consider when renting is the throughput that you would like your slide to have. Throughput is how many people can use the slide within a certain time frame – the higher the throughput, the more people can enjoy the slide during your event. Slides with more than one lane will allow more people to use them and if there’s a lot of people at your event, can be more than worth the increase in price since the lines to use them will move much more quickly.

Another consideration would be the height of the slide. Depending on the venue of your party, a huge slide can be a big hit! The rush of going down a giant, 30-foot water slide is pretty amazing, and can have your attendees talking about the event for weeks to come. Renting a large slide comes with some additional requirements, such as more space and more power needed to keep the slide inflated. Be sure to confirm that your venue has the power and space available to accommodate all your inflatables!

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Obstacle course rentals are some of the most fun you can have with any inflatable rental. The goal is simple – runners line up at the entrance and once they get in the course, the goal is to make it through the course as fast as possible. These courses can get so elaborate and crazy that you’d think it’s something you’d only find in an amusement park. We’ve seen inflatable obstacle courses with giant slides, mobile zip-lines right in the middle of the course, and all kinds of other crazy obstacles. These inflatable obstacle course rentals tend to be a huge hit at just about any event they’re deployed at, regardless of whether it’s for a block party in San Francisco, a birthday party in Chicago, a carnival in Houston, a residential party in Miami, or a company outing in Las Vegas, or any other kind of event you can think of.

Most inflatable obstacle course rentals require two or more 20 amp circuits to power the fans that keep them inflated, and depending on how large they are, they can take up a pretty big footprint. If your event is outdoors, make sure there’s enough height in the space you’re planning on using for the obstacle course, because some of these courses can get pretty tall.

Inflatable Playgrounds

Inflatable playground rentals are a great way to let the kids at your event spend some of their seemingly endless pent up energy, and leave the adults to have a bit of fun on their own. Same thing as a regular playground, but mobile and inflatable! These playgrounds can be themed, can vary substantially in size, and have many attractions to keep the attention of the kids. Inflatable playground rentals can feature tunnels, ball pits, and slides. Lots of activities to keep the kids occupied. For kids 5 and under, these inflatable playgrounds tend to be the central attraction at any event. They’re great for indoor or outdoor events, and work well at all kinds of parties, from birthdays, to barbeques, to company family outings, and more.

Interactive Games

There are tons of different kinds of inflatable games out there, many of them being inflatable versions of games you’d find at theme parks, carnivals, or fairs. There are inflatable lazer tag mazes, obstacle courses, inflatable mazes, shooting galleries, bungee runs, wrecking ball games, human sized foosball inflatables, jousting games, balance games, sumo suit wrestling, and more! These inflatable game rentals are a great way to add some friendly competition to your event, and are great for older kids, teens, and adults.

Regardless of what kind of party you’re planning, there’s bound to be an inflatable game out there that’s perfect for your guests. Jousting games are popular due to their gladiatorial nature. They’re as much fun for the spectators as they are for the participants. Players get up on pedestals, get their padded jousting poles, and try to knock each other off balance for victory! Bungee runs are also very popular. Runners are tied into a bungee cord and try to make it as far down an inflatable corridor as possible before being inevitably yanked back by the cord in hilarious fashion. Mazes are always fun to wander through and try to find your way out, and lazer tag is always a classic hit with the kids.

Inflatable game rentals tend to be some of the most popular attractions at fairs, block parties, and carnivals due to their competitive element and all their resulting fun. It never gets old watching someone desperately try to stay balanced on their pedestal while being smacked around by an inflatable jousting pole.

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