Renting a Festival Tent in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield gets a lot of sun, so tents are in high demand and there are plenty of options to choose from. What should you look for when looking for a Springfield festival tent rental?

Consider the Basics

First off and most importantly you have to figure out how many people might be under your tent at any one given time. This will help you determine the size of the tent. You’re going to need a big tent if there’s two hundred people eating lunch under it! Second, figure out the surface that you plan to install the tent on. Our experience shows that most festival tents are set up on grass. Therefore, it might make sense to go with a canopy tent rental. The canopy tent looks really cool with it’s ceiling swoops and central support poles – just the type of thing you’d see at a festival or a carnival.

Seating and Food Situation

Will the food be served under the tent? Will there be enough room for seating all your guests? Can everyone comfortably move around given how much room there will be between tables and chairs? These are all important questions, and things you have to think about before ordering a Springfield festival tent rental.


There are lots of different kinds of tent decorations available to spice up your festival tent rental and add in a bit of charm to the overall atmosphere. Since festival tents tent to be large canopy pole tents, think about getting some lighting fixtures on the interior poles of the tent! Maybe some perimeter lighting globes. Of course, if you’re shutting down before the evening then lighting is mostly redundant!

Talk with the Party Rental Company

Luckily, party rental companies are experts in this regard, and can help you figure out exactly which tent will work best for your Springfield festival. Just be sure to let them know all the relevant bits of information and they can take it from there!

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