Chair Rentals

Any event needs tables and chairs to keep their guests comfortable. There's a lot of options to choose from, depending on what type of event you're planning, your budget, and your stylistic preferences. We will give you all the information you need to know to rent the right chairs, for the right price, from the right company.

Quality Rating

In the rental industry, the nomenclature for rating the quality of equipment in inventory is based on the first 3 letters of the alphabet. The letter ‘A’ represents something that is new and would be considered wedding quality. ‘B’ represents used condition but to scratched to be used for a wedding or to pass as new looking. The letter ‘C’ represents Festival quality. This means it goes out to public events and sits in the elements of the outdoors on a regular bases.

What kinds of chairs are there?

The chair rental most commonly requested is what is referred to as the Samsonite folding chair. These are the staple for any rental company. These chairs became popular in the rental industry due to the lower cost, space saving stacking ability, and durability. These folding chairs come in many colors, but most rental companies will carry white, brown, and black.

Brown Folding Chairs
These are the standard color for most rental companies to be used for festivals and everyday events.

Black Folding Chairs
Black chairs are popular because they hide the dirt the best.  However, if they are being used outside in direct sunlight, they have a tendency to absorb the sunlight and become warm to the touch.  Not always comfortable during warm times of the year.

White Folding Chairs
These chairs tend to be the most desired, but are the most expensive to rent due to the additional cleaning required. White folding chairs show scuffs easily and require more cleaning.

Chair Materials

Folding chairs have traditionally been made of metal.  The metal is then spray painted a similar color as the plastic on the chair.  As chairs are rented, it is inevitable the paint will get scratched. Once bare metal is exposed to the elements, they will start to rust.

Since 2015, Aluminum folding chairs have come available to the rental industry.  The benefit of the Aluminum folding chair is they do not rust and do not require paint.  If the rental company washes their chairs on a regular basis, the aluminum chair will stay looking new.  The only downside is the chairs cost twice as much to purchase and therefore cost more to rent.

Plastic chairs are becoming more popular as well. These chairs are generally cheaper, but don’t feel as sturdy.

Top things to ask for when renting folding chairs:

If you are contacting a Rental Company to rent chairs, you must realize the chairs are used and will show some wear and tear. If you require new looking chairs, you must ask for them. Be specific about the quality of the chair you need, or you will get the standard ‘B’ or ‘C’ chair as the ‘A’ quality chairs are saved for weddings and requests only.

  • Do you have any ‘A’ quality chairs available in your color?
  • Can you guarantee me there are no signs of rust on the chair?
  • Do you carry aluminum chairs? (Aluminum chairs aren’t subject to paint chipping or rust.)
  • Check online reviews prior to calling. Look for complaints on the quality of chairs and other rental equipment.
  • If their online reviews are not 4 star or higher, it is a clear indication they are not focused on customer satisfaction.
  • In the rental industry, you typically get what you pay for. Beware of going with the lowest price company with few to no online reviews.

When you rent chairs in Chicago or the suburbs, remember to ask these questions to get the best quality for the money spent.  Folding chairs can be used for Chicago Weddings, Chicago Graduation parties, and School ceremonies at Chicago schools.

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