Wedding Tents

Tent Rental for Weddings in Chicago

Tent Rental for Weddings in Chicago

Find the perfect tent rental for your Chicago wedding can be quite a challenge! Here are some tips that you want to keep in mind when renting a tent for your wedding!

Consider the Size Tent You Need

Think about how many people are going to attend your Chicago wedding. What size tent can comfortably seat all the guests you plan on accommodating? Also keep in mind the size of the venue. Sometimes, the venue only has enough space for a certain size range of wedding tent rentals. Also consider what surface the tent will be set up on. For example, if you can only set up on hard surfaces, it may limit your options to only frame tents.

Decide on the Tent Style

Wedding tent rentals typically are available in one of two styles: frame tents, and canopy tents. The main difference between the two are the interior structures of the tents.

Frame tents have an interior skeleton-like frame and multiple perimeter legs that support the roof of the tent, thereby eliminating the need for any center support poles. This has the distinct advantage of leaving more unobstructed room in the central areas of the tent for tables, chairs, dance floors, etc. Frame tents can be set up on more surfaces as well, such as grass, asphalt, concrete, etc. They can be secured with water barrel weights or staking, but staking tends to be less of an eyesore.

Canopy Tents – or pole tents – feature central poles that support the weight of the tent. Central poles do have the slight disadvantage of breaking up some of the available room in the tent. However, the effect they produce looks quite nice with the draped ceiling of the tent. They can also be decorated with chandeliers or other lighting fixtures for a very elegant look. The outside of the tent is supported with side poles, which are secured with straps that are staked down around the outside of the tent. Pole tents must be secured with stakes, and can therefore only be set up on grass surfaces.

Lighting and Decorations

Wedding tents tend to be decorated with elegant light fixtures that contribute to an elegant and graceful atmosphere for the guests. We’ve seen all kinds of lighting options, such as chandeliers from center poles of tents, to floating orb lamps hanging down from frame tent fixtures. There are also perimeter light options that look very nice during evenings. Some people opt for flashier choices and get colored lights shining up at the ceilings of the tents for a very colorful effect. Shop around for lighting and decoration options and see if they’re all compatible with the type of tent you’re planning on renting for your Chicago wedding!

Heating and Cooling

Check the weather forecasts for your wedding date! For cold weather, you may need to get a tent with sidewalls for to retain heat. If it’s hot, and air conditioner can keep your guests comfortable during the reception or ceremony.

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Tent Rental for Weddings in Chicago

Find the perfect tent rental for your Chicago wedding can be quite a challenge! Here are some tips…

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