What To Look For When Renting Tables and Chairs

Planning the seating for your guests can be a huge hassle. You have to plan out spacing, see how many tables you need, decide on linens and consider various floorplan options. Here's what you should know.

Step 1: Number of Guests

The first thing to consider when looking for chair and table rentals is how many people you expect to have at your event. The number of people directly determines how many chairs you need to rent, as well as how many tables (and what size tables) you need. Make sure that you have the right number of seats and that the size and number of the tables can comfortably accommodate all your guests!

Step 2: Table Shape

The second thing to consider is the shape and size of the tables. Some people prefer to have a few rows of rectangular tables with rows of space in between, but others like to have a scattering of many round tables. We’ve found that round tables are usually more popular because it creates a better layout for conversation amount the groups at the tables. With rectangular tables, you’re mostly limited to talking with those next directly to your left and right and across, but with round tables, it’s easier to see everyone and more comfortable to converse with anyone at the table.

Step 3: Considering Venue Space

The space available at your chosen venue plays a large role in determining your seating layout. Depending on the shape and size of the tables, you can only fit so many people per table and depending on the space available at the venue, you can only fit so many tables with enough space between them for people to be able to comfortably move around.

Step 4: Deciding on the Style

The style of the chairs and tables should match the theme and general atmosphere of the event you’re planning. If you’re about to host a wedding, then people tend to go with fancier chairs, nice linens for the tables, etc. If you’re hosting a backyard party for some guests, then maybe a folding table and basic folding chairs are more appropriate, and easier for your budget.

Step 5: Consult with your Vendor and Finalize the Order

Once you know what you want, talk with your chosen party rental company and finalize the order! If you’ve thought about all of the above steps, then your seating arrangement should be all set!

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